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Our Purpose

We, as a group, see ourselves as people who in a safe, supportive, nourishing, hope-filled space are journeying towards a radical, new, inclusive model of Catholic Church that reflects our faithfulness to the Gospel message and God’s wondrous wholeness.

Our Beliefs

We carry hopes for a renewed inclusive Church and are willing to help build it.

We gain hope from being part of a group and will support and nourish each other.

We are Church who desire to ‘be the change’, creating a faith community ourselves to help achieve this.

We are prepared to take responsibility to bring about changes that are just and inclusive.

We offer a space to explore rituals and prayer together.

We seek to network with other groups desiring change in our Church.

We will be part of exploring how women can be part of the governance role of the Church.

We will stand alongside women who feel called to leadership and/or ordained ministry.

We believe that all earth and everyone of us reflect the wonder and diversity of God.